Being charged with a crime affects every aspect of one’s life.


When I first became a lawyer in 1979, there was no simple way to know who among us had a criminal conviction or pending charges. In fact, unless you went to the courthouse to look through docket books or someone told you, you would not have known.

Things have changed with the information age. Today, anyone with a computer, phone, or even smart watch can instantly gain access to criminal histories and pending charges. And this includes employers, property managers, neighbors and friends.

Because of the free flow of information, being charged with a crime today is life-altering. It can mean inability to get or keep a job, or to rent an apartment, or to get a loan. More than ever, having an experienced criminal defense attorney representing your interests is critical.

And, because being a criminal defendant is inherently stressful, it is important that you work with the right experienced criminal defense attorney for you. Most experienced trial lawyers are busy, but is the lawyer too busy to return your phone call or email? Is the lawyer too busy to answer your questions or to aggressively prepare your defense.

For 40 years I have made it my mission to treat every case as if it were my only case and every client as if he or she were my only client. The system may not consider your case to be a “big” case, but it certainly is to you. And it is to me, too.

I will discuss your criminal charges with you at no cost or obligation. I will tell you what I can do for you and will tell you exactly what the cost of representation will be in writing. My goal in defending every criminal case is the same: to eliminate or minimize any impact the matter may have on your ability to live your life.